Hi! I'm a world traveller from Chile, and a love story brought me to Belgium and now this city became my favourite place in the world.  I would love to guide you

in my precious Ghent cause it have a lot to show: historical places, amazing views, unforgettable flavors, incredible pieces of art, and mouthing-opening buildings.

I want you to see and feel this place so you can also fall in love too with this beautiful city!

We are waiting for you!



Hello! I'm a Colombian girl too, I fell in love with Ghent 3 years ago when I came to Ghent to study.

Its charmy streets and especially history were the reason why I love it. Thanks to an exceptional experience as a tourist guide for almost a year, I was able to learn a lot about this beautiful city.

I want you to feel the same charm that made me fell in love with this beautiful city.

Join us and enjoy this beautiful city!

More than just a simple tour, we want to offer you an experience! We want you to see Ghent through our eyes and to fall in love with the city like us. Therefore we believe that there are 3 main points that make us different:


                     We love Ghent, we love what we do and we want to share that love with you.


                     We believe in providing more personalized tours as oppose to having big groups. Therefore our tours go                            out with maximum 20 people.


                     We believe in guiding you through your entire stay with daily updates on our social media platforms                                   about everything that is happening in Ghent.


We are a new company made by experienced guides who are passionate about what they do and who want to offer a new way of discovering Ghent. If you want a personalized experienced, you are in the right place!

What make us different


We are your guides

I am a Colombian expat who came to Belgium three years ago, fell in love with Ghent, and decided to make this city my home. I am a historian, an experienced guide, and I am head over heals in love with Belgian beer! I love been a tour guide and I really enjoy exploring Ghent every single day. So if you like history, beer and would like to experience Ghent in a unique way, you should definitely join one of our tours!

Our lovely team!

We are a group of expats who fell in love with Ghent many years ago and therefore decided to make this awesome city our home.

Our passion for the city drove us to work as tour guides in different companies (Buendía Tours, Hispano Tours and Viva’s Tours) and to ultimately create our own guided excursions of Ghent.

Together we have more than 8 years of experience living in Ghent and we share the belief that tours should be  personalized experience while at the same time being a true reflection of the culture, gastronomy and history of the city.